The Future Of The Tod Reservoir

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(September 2013)

State Budget Paper 5 Estimates B provided the following.

2 July 2013 – $14.4 million Dam Safety Project – Tod River 2013-14 Capital Investment Statement.

In questioning the member.

Ms CHAPMAN:  “. . .can you just explain what this $14.5 million is going to be spent on, given that I understand this water is not being used because it is too salty? We are going to make it safe but we cannot drink it, is that the sort of situation that we are at?”

The Hon. I. K. HUNTER: “Part of the construction is for an increase in flood capacity, but I am also advised that we need to bring the dam up to Australian national standards. I am further advised that SA Water is in negotiations with an entity to use non-drinking water for a commercial operation.”

Ms CHAPMAN: “That is so that if there is an excessive amount of water there is sufficient infrastructure there to ensure that it does not break and flood all of the salty water down the river and cause environmental and potential human damage? Is that the sort of situation we are at?”

The Hon. I.K. HUNTER: “My advice is yes, that is, in general terms, the answer. The improvements are to prevent overtopping of the dam in flood conditions or failure of the dam.”

Ms CHAPMAN: “So, we are going to spend $14.5 million on making it safe, and this is for, potentially, use to support a mine, is it?”

The Hon. I.K. HUNTER: “I am not aware of the commercial activity that we are discussing and it is probably not appropriate to mention at this stage who or what that might be.”

Ms CHAPMAN: “The only proposed mines around there, of course, are iron ore mines, and the person who is doing the negotiation is sitting next to you. I am assuming it is Centrex or some other company that is putting forward proposals which are all in the public domain, so I do not know what the secret is.”

The Hon. I.K. HUNTER: “There is no secret. I am just advising you that I am not aware.”

Ms CHAPMAN: “Well, do you want to ask the person sitting next to you?”


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